Bridgeport knee mill Rebuilding & Service

      One of the staples of the toolroom and prototype shop floor is the Bridgeport knee mill with 2Jvariable speed head. This everyday workhorse is a must in almost every shop. Whether you have a 42” or 48” table, chrome or cast iron ways, step pulley J-head or variable speed Bridgeport 2J head, we can rebuild and/or service your miller.
  • Complete rebuilding services including: ways ground and scraped, gibs fitted, new chrome, painting, column scraped, screws and nuts replaced, spindle bearings, clutches, head bearings and belts.
  • New DRO installation or refit existing system
  • New table and cross slide power feeds
  • Factory power feed rebuilt
  • LED lighting kit
  • Way cover protection kit
  • EZ Trak CNC electronics service and parts: Includes replacement pendant with 15” LED option, ball screws, servo motors rebuilt, motherboard replacement, solid state hard drive with pre-load operating software, more. Local Bridgeport 2J head repair service

Bridgeport rebuilt and customer’s original ProtoTRAK CNC system refitted.

Shiny and tough acrylic or polyurethane paint

Saddle “before” condition and very rough

Saddle “after” and ready to be fitted to cross slide. Bijur oil meter pins replaced.

Base /column painted and scraped

Reground and hand scraped table

J-head EVS retrofit. Speed control at the touch of a knob.

Dynamic braking and speeds to 3500 rpm. 220V single phase input.

Rpm display and easy reach control panel. control panel.

Miller was sold to our Idaho customer.

Twin 5W LED Light Bar
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