Hardinge HLV-H toolroom lathe
servo electronic digital threading

Babin Machine Tool offers our new Servo Electronic Digital threading retrofit attachment for your HLV-H English only model threading gearbox.
  • Gain the ability to cut metric pitch threads and expand your capacity to cut English threads with a range of 4 – 250 TPI and metric from .1mm – 6.5mm
  • No time consuming and expensive external gears to configure or setup.
  • Save time with easy color touch screen entry and “rapid retract” features
  • Kit bolts on with only (2) drilled and tapped holes required
  • Original gearbox remains intact and only 120V power supply required
  • Bonus ability to cut double, triple, or quad multi-lead threads!
  • Right hand or left hand threading capabilities
  • Setup the thread stops with an on-screen help feature
  • Position stopping is accurate to original lathe specs for threading to shoulder
  • Spindle RPM displayed on screen for accurate speed setting
  • Spindle “over speed” alert during spindle speed setup.

Our retrofit kit includes:
Powerful and compact USA made servo motor and microprocessor with necessary threading electronics. Pre-configured and intuitive color touch screen, mounting hardware including: coupling, covers, cables and connectors. Just remove the existing end cover door, drill for 2 tapped holes, mount and adjust limit switch settings, plug into 120V supply and see how easy the servo electronic threading retrofit operates.

Threading operations with your Hardinge HLV lathe will remain essentially the same. Set compound angle and threading stops. Enter thread pitch via the color touch screen, set spindle speed within maximum range of pitch, perform test run off the work piece, setup threading tool and ready to go.

Our Servo Electronic Threading system will synchronize main spindle rotation and Z-axis feed rate to produce precise threading cycle for the given TPI or mm thread pitch.

RPM display while threading

Color touch screen for EZ setup

No need to go to the CNC department to cut a few metric threads for your prototype parts. No need to purchase external gear sets and safety covers. No need to repair any worn or broken gears there might be in your gearbox.
  • Start enjoying faster cycle times for each thread especially with use of the rapid retract feature and color touch screen.
  • Start programming precision multi-start leads you never thought were possible on an HLV lathe.
  • Start making precision threads outside of the original limited gearbox range of 11- 108 TPI. New range: 4 – 250 TPI; .1mm – 6.5mm metric pitch
  • Start making custom pitch threads.
  • Start performing threading jobs you couldn’t do before.
  • Start by contacting: Babin Machine Tool

** Download PDF **

Price: $3,895.*

*Shipping extra

Servo Threading Mounted on Hardinge BK

Recent Testimonials

Hello Paul,
The servo threading attachment worked fine and everything fit onto the HLV-BK as if it were made for it. I think that it would be safe to add this option to your web site. I don't know if there are many people out there that would be investing that much into an older lathe, but the results were very good and the multi start function is great. This unit is a big help to me and the ability to do metric, multi-start threads with so little effort makes my life a lot easier.

Thanks again,
Theracut, Inc. NH


Attached is a picture of the Babin Machine Tools Servo Threading unit I installed on my HLV-H....A great tool easy to use and cuts metric threads without changing gears..........Paul at Babin Machine tools was very helpful with installation over the phone and e-mail. They also have some spare parts. Will always come back......Very interested in their CNC conversion of standard Lathe.

Glenn Eason
Hillcrest Engineering
Los Angeles, Ca.

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