Rebuilding a Hardinge HLV lathe, rebuilding a "Classic"

      Have your Hardinge HLV tool room lathe rebuilt to new machine "feel" and high quality appearance. Rebuilding process includes complete disassembly, hand scraping of gibs and ways, grinding of carriage for new look appearance, new precision spindle bearings, new high gloss paint, refitting to "new" tolerances, and much more.

Get that Hardinge new lathe precision and feel again.

Babin Machine Tool rebuilding customers are located throughout the country.

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“Thanks for the great job on the first machine. We love it.”
K. B. Kearfott Corp , NC July 2017

Hardinge HLV-H-EM “before” , Polaroid Corporation

Our rebuilding returns your "classic" to original accuracies and tolerance, sometimes better! We guarantee it! Note: These are the “after” pictures of same Polaroid HLV-H

Hardinge HLV”before” picture is typical. We’ll make it look and feel new.

Hardinge headstock immediately after painting.

We use high gloss polyurethane paint with a lot of elbow grease underneath. Optional metallic paint and custom colors available. Non-painting option as well.

Carriage bottom Teflon in rough shape. No problem for us.

Carriage surfaces reground for new look on this 1966 HLV-H. Notice optional Newall DRO cross slide scale and reader head for .0001” resolution on diameter.

Hardinge rebuilt for customer and then displayed at Eastec Trade Show.

Hardinge HLV-H with optional Servo threading system and Newall DP700 DRO

New 15W LED lighting available. Long flex arm for EZ positioning.

Not bad for a 30 year old lathe. Ready for another 30 years of precision work.

Notice the tray liner to help protect the chip pan a little bit longer.

56 years of satisfied customers. We know you will be, too.

We also sell new import Hardinge toolroom style 5C lathes.
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