Dear Paul and Team


I have taken delivery of my Hardinge HLV Centroid CNC lathe and I want to report some of my enthusiasm to you. I have bought a number of high-end "toys" in my time and have always tried to get the very best I can afford. Generally I find this is the best policy when acquiring equipment that you intend to rely on for sometime. It is rare that I get a machine that exceeds expectations as much as your rebuilt Hardinge CNC machine. This unit is nothing short of exemplary. Not only is it a pleasure to use but the attention to detail on the aesthetics and finish are probably better than the original factory unit.

In getting to know how to work the machine I am impressed with the smoothness of the operation, the Centroid control is easy to use (after a basic introduction), the ability to switch between CNC and manual seamlessly and, without doubt, the supreme accuracy. This lathe is so good I almost feel I want to have another one stashed away somewhere!

Last but not least, a compliment to you and your team. Their dedication to ensuring that everything is of the highest standard is a real pleasure. The combined knowledge of the CNC control and the old-world craftsmanship it takes to bring the Hardinge HLV to its former state of glory is a winning formula.

Kind regards,

Chris Harris
Fargo, ND

July 26, 2013
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