On-Site repairs & service

You already own one of the nicest precision toolroom lathes made in this country, the Hardinge HLV-H. To order a new lathe will cost you upwards of $50K. It is well worth the effort and some costs to maintain the lathe to peak performance.

With this in mind, consider having Babin Machine Tool, with itís 50+ years of experience, service your lathe on-site, right on your shop floor.

For instance, we can change the spindle and motor belts, counter pulley bearings, and brake cork with adjustments fast. New neoprene carriage way wipers can be fitted. Youíll probably notice they can get hard and crack over time and let chips penetrate under the carriage causing premature bedplate wear. We can refit a tailstock gib and perform alignment checks. New spindle bearings fitted, cross slide repairs or hand scraping, no problem.

Compound toolpost slide giving you problems? Send it to us for complete or partial rebuilding. Apron oil flushed, gibs adjusted, DROs installed, and much more. Check out our rebuild pages for more pictures.

Invest in your precision lathe and it will pay for itself very quickly.

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