Hardinge HLV-H-CNC retrofit
Or our new model: TML-5Cnc

Imagine a Hardinge HLV-H toolroom lathe with CNC capability. Also imagine if this lathe could be operated in manual mode with the original hand wheels and features that make a Hardinge HLV one of the best precision lathes ever made.

Babin Machine Tool has engineered such a system complete with USA made Centroid CNC control, precision ball screws & servo motor brackets, and manual electronic hand wheels with smooth movement that comes very close to original mechanical movements and “feel”.

This is the ideal lathe for precision prototype and modeling work.
Features include:

  • Super smooth & quiet direct drive spindle with programmable speed
  • 15” color LCD display with graphics
  • Conversational and G-code programming
  • Simple and easy tool setups
  • .0001” resolution and repeatability
  • Auto lube for ways and ball screws and much more!
Join the growing list of nationwide machine shops and high tech manufacturing companies that are enjoying the benefits of a precision Hardinge lathe with CNC and manual capabilities.
Babin Machine Tool also offers our new CNC toolroom lathe, model: TML-5Cnc precision engineered and built with the same care and quality as we put into our remanufactured HLV-H lathes.

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February 17, 2017 ASML Richard Applegate

Regarding HLV-CNC lathe delivered

She looks great. The appearance is stunning, the riggers, the machinists, the boss all commented on how good she looks. People like the Babin pinstriping.
Thanks so much for our new Hardinge HLV-H-CNC retrofitted with the Centroid control. From day one we began cutting very tight tolerances on parts with the machine and it handled it without any problems. It is very nice to have a machine with great repeatability on close work. We were also very surprised at how easy it is to program the machine with so little effort and training. Great to have a machine that we can use as a manual lathe when just doing a simple and easy cut or just drilling a hole. Surprisingly, for a CNC, it feels like you are just as at home running it as you are on a regular Hardinge lathe. The machine is also very nice, from the looks of the machine to the fits and craftsmanship, it looks and works like it was a well thought out machine. I hope this machine lasts us a long time because we really enjoy it making our lives easier on some complicated parts. Thanks so much for a great lathe and I hope to do more business with you and your team in the future.

Bill Songer
Blacksburg, Va.

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Parts made by customer on HLV-H CNC

Carriage and apron assembly with built-in MPG devices for electronic hand wheel movements. Clutch levers provide jogging to both the carriage and cross slide.

Our name is on the lathe because of the pride we build into it.

Centroid CNC control made in Pennsylvania. Features conversational

and G-code programming with full graphics on 15” LCD display

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