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DP700 Digital Readout

The DP700 is a powerful and intuitive DRO that is housed in a rugged cast aluminum chassis with a wipe clean front panel. The innovative design allows the operator to easily configure the DRO for general machining, milling or turning specific features.

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Bolt Hole Circle Routine: Enter parameters via question and answer message prompts
Arc Contouring: Calculates points along an arc for rough machining
Polar Co-ordinate Readings: Display radial and angular coordinate
Line Hole Routine: Calculates points along a line at equal distance
Programmable Memory/Teach: Store dimensional data into memory
while machining the first part
Tool Offsets: Retain all dimensional data even after tool change
Axis Summing: Sums two axes within the same plane
Feed-Rate Display: Longer tool life and increased cutting tool performance
Linear and Segmented Error Compensation: Applies a compensation factor
for machine geometric and abbey errors
RS-232 Output: Allows for data output

For milling applications, Newall Digital Readouts dramatically increase productivity and machine efficiency. The DP700 includes features such as bolt hole circle, line hole routine and arc contouring which calculates tool position by way of simple message prompts. Axis feed rate is displayed meaning better tool life and surface finish.

Adding a Newall DRO to your lathe means you measure the part diameter one time and enter the value into the DRO. Since the DP700 allows you to enter a tool offset library, true diameter will always be displayed even after tool changes. Operators report a 20-40% increase in productivity and less scrap when using a Newall DRO on lathes.

Nothing compares to Newall on a surface or cylindrical grinder as the Microsyn encoders will withstand grinding dust, coolant and slurry. With resolutions down to 1m (0.00005), the Newall DP700 can guide the operator to the precise location without the worry of miscounting due to scale contamination. Programmable memory along with absolute and incremental features means faster and more accurate grinding.

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